Dean Spasser

September 17, 2010

A graduate of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Dean Spasser leverages decades of business experience in his current position as a leader in the direct mail business. For over 19 years, Dean Spasser has gained valuable insight into company operation and engaged in strategic planning. Although Dean Spasser is able to work from home in his current occupation, he knows this does not necessarily mean a more manageable schedule. Dean Spasser often finds himself working long nights and through the weekends. As the direct marketing industry has changed, Dean Spasser has stayed up-to-date with practices and technologies, which has allowed his business to survive and thrive. Before becoming a leader in the direct mail business, Dean Spasser worked in commercial real estate. Dean Spasser’s real estate dealings were varied. At any given time, Dean Spasser served clients interested in renting offices in St. Louis-area towers, or those seeking space in enclosed mall facilities. Of his many job functions, Dean Spasser most enjoyed negotiating lease contracts. Dean Spasser believes lease contracts can be divided into two parts: lease clauses that caters to the lessee’s needs and others that benefits the owner. By working closely with his clients, Dean Spasser was able to bridge the gaps between the parties’ desires and establish mutually beneficial partnerships. After-hours, Dean Spasser enjoys relaxing at home and going to events with his daughter. An avid reader, Dean Spasser lists Sidney Sheldon and Stephen King as his favorite authors. Among Dean Spasser’s favorite books are The Stand and The Baseball Encyclopedia. During college, Dean Spasser belonged to a fraternity that yielded enduring friendships. Whenever possible, Dean Spasser reunites with his college friends.